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We are passionate about leadership and people management and have extensive experience of how doing the right things can make a difference to organizational culture and performance. 

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Becoming a leader for the first time is sometimes fraught with uncertainty about how you can practically conquer the role. We have seen many leaders struggle to find the way, and figure out how to cope with high expectations, new challenges, and how to manage people.

A great leader builds team, lifts individuals and makes the whole company grow. It is therefore essential that you have the tools and the knowledge that will give you the confidence you need to master your role. 

Our job is to give you the basis for acquiring new knowledge, and help you utilize your learning in the best possible way, so that you can realize your full potential. 


Taking on a leadership role is a big step, as other employees depend on you for guidance, motivation, and improvement.

To help you navigate day-to-day leadership challenges, I will share my best practice through easy and convenient video courses, eBooks, step-by-step guides, ready-made templates and checklists. 


Anne Gretland
Course Instructor  


Anne Gretland is the CEO of FotoWare and Course Instructor at Smartminds. In 2020, Fotoware was awarded No. 1 for 'Best workplaces in Norway' and No. 7 for 'Best workplaces in Europe' given by Great Place to Work®. 

She started her leadership career at Microsoft where she had 16 successful years. Since then, she has held several leadership roles in the IT industry.

Anne has a long track record of successful business achievements. 
She is passionate about leadership and what it entails, especially when it comes to building successful teams and mentoring people.
Anne is a frequent speaker on tech, leadership and diversity events.

Anne is co-founder of ODA, the largest network for women working in the IT-sector in the Nordics, where she held the position as Chairman of the Board for 11 years.
In 2018 she founded a network for CEO's that are new to their role.

Anne has twice been named on the list of Norway’s 50 leading IT women. 
She has won several high-ranking awards, including the Circle of Excellence Platinum Award for Outstanding Performance in Microsoft

"When I started my leadership career in Microsoft, one of the most challenging part I immediately had to face was the fact that I was no longer an individual contributor – I was responsible for other people and their successes and failures. It was definitely a completely different ball game. 

There are so many leaders who need guidance to get their careers off to a good start. My mission is to share my best practice and time-saving tips & tricks so leaders can leverage their impact and influence."


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