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This course is aimed at leadership talents who wish to grow in their role. 
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You - Accelerate your leadership


Identify your strengths and values and learn how your behavior and work style ​​affects others

Your team - Accelerate your leadership

Your Team

Learn how to identify your team members' skills, how to set team goals and how setting personal goals will boost team performance

Build Operational Excellence - Accelerate your leadership

Build Operational Excellence

Learn how to establish accountability, set rules for engagement and build and foster a culture for growth


Radmila Stoltz

Head of Customer and Partner Experience

"This leadership course provides leaders with the guidance they need to define their leadership style better, while giving concrete tools to tackles some of the most important tasks a leader is facing.
This course has given me inspiration and challenged me with good questions to reflect over, as well as practical tools to navigate important everyday challenges."

What's Inside 'Accelerate your Leadership'

You - Accelerate your leadership

Chapter 1



Are you a creative person that likes coming up with ideas or starting new projects in a hectic environment? 
Or do you prefer to work all by yourself, taking on one task at a time? 
Do you like being on stage giving a speech to a big audience, or do you prefer talking to a small group?

First and foremost, you need to find your strengths and understand your work style and behavior, as well as know which areas you need to improve, in order to become a great leader.


Chapter 1 Highlights

  • Learn to know yourself before you can support and guide others
  • Identify your values. Learn how your values and experience can help you be a better leader
  • Employees look to you to show them what’s acceptable behavior, and what’s expected in the organization. Learn why you should lead by example.
  • 3 video lessons (English audio with English subtitles)
  • Smart Quiz to check your knowledge
  • FREE downloadable bonus content:
    - The VARP Quadrant
    - Work style reference
    - Leadership values
    ...and more 

Chapter 2



To build a successful team you need to do more than gather a group of people with the right skills. 
Your team should cover complementary skill sets so they can accomplish tasks that you, as the team leader, could not do on your own.

You will learn how to establish team goals and how you can motivate  your team to get even better results by setting personal goals.

Chapter 2 Highlights

  • Learn how to identify your team members competencies and how you will find out if you have the right people for the job in your team.
  • Learn how to establish SMART team goals
  • Learn how you can motivate  your team to get even better results by setting personal goals.
  • SMART goals examples and corresponding KPI's
  • 3 video lessons (English audio with English subtitles)
  • Smart Quiz to check your knowledge
  • FREE downloadable bonus content:
    - Speed-dating questions
    - Skill sets and roles
    - Team goals and milestones
    ...and more  
Your team - Accelerate your leadership
Building operational excellence - Accelerate your leadership

Chapter 3



A great company culture is essential for an organization and team to thrive and grow. 
Work environments with trust at the foundation are better set up for innovation, change, and effectiveness. 

Most people want to be part of a positive, inclusive, and purpose-filled work environment. 
Getting actively engaged employees means that leadership needs to be engaging, and that everybody must be able to understand their purpose in the company.  

Chapter 3 Highlights

  • Learn how to establish accountability and set rules of engagement with your team.
  • Learn how to build and foster a culture for growth and why your team meetings and 1 to 1 meetings are essential for you and your team's success.
  • 3 video lessons (English audio with English subtitles)
  • Smart Quiz to check your knowledge
  • FREE downloadable bonus content:
    - Team culture
    - Team meetings check list & agenda
    - 1 to 1 meeting questions 

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