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You - Accelerate your leadership


Identify your strengths and values and learn how your behavior and work style ​​affects others

Your team - Accelerate your leadership


Learn how to identify your team members' skills, how to set team goals and how setting personal goals will boost team performance

Build Operational Excellence - Accelerate your leadership


Learn how to establish accountability, set rules for engagement and build and foster a culture for growth



Develop Your Leadership Qualities 

"Most people with the willingness to learn, can always improve their efficiency and performance.

I have taken the essential learnings from my extensive leadership career and packaged it into this easy and practical course so you can learn how to become a better leader.

I will share my best practice for navigating everyday leadership challenges.
You will get access to ready-made templates, checklists and step-by-step guides you can download and use in your daily work". 

Anne Gretland
Course Instructor  

Here's What's Inside: 

Chapter 1


Are you a creative person that likes coming up with ideas or starting new projects in a hectic environment? 
Or do you prefer to work all by yourself, taking on one task at a time? 
Do you like being on stage giving a speech to a big audience, or do you prefer talking to a small group?

  • Learn how to find your strengths and understand your workstyle and behavior
  • Learn which areas you need to improve before you can support and guide others
  • Identify and learn how your values and experience can help you become a better leader
  • Learn why you should lead by example
  • 3 video lessons
  • Smart Quiz to check your knowledge
  • FREE downloadable bonus content:
    - The VARP Quadrant
    - Work Style reference
    - Leadership values
  • And much more!
Chapter 2


To build a successful team you need to do more than gather a group of people with the right skills. 
Your team should cover complementary skill sets so they can accomplish tasks that you, as the team leader, could not do on your own.

  • Learn how to identify your team members competencies and how you will find out if you have the right people for the job in your team
  • Learn how to establish SMART team goals and how you can motivate  your team to get even better results by setting personal goals 
  • Get SMART goals examples and corresponding KPI's you can learn from
  • 3 video lessons
  • Smart Quiz to check your knowledge
  • FREE downloadable bonus content:
    - Questions you should ask
    - Skill sets and roles
    - Team goals and milestones
  • And much more!
Chapter 3


Most people want to be part of a positive, inclusive, and purpose-filled work environment. 
Getting actively engaged employees means that leadership needs to be engaging, and that everybody must be able to understand their purpose in the company.  

  • Optimize your work environment based on trust
  • Learn how to establish accountability and set rules of engagement with your team
  • Learn how to build and foster a culture for growth and why your team meetings and 1 to 1 meetings are essential for you and your team's success
  • 3 video lessons
  • Smart Quiz to check your knowledge
  • FREE downloadable bonus content:
    - Team culture
    - Team meeting check list & agenda
    - 1 - 1 meeting questions
  • And much more!
Anne Gretland


Anne Gretland is the CEO of FotoWare and Course Instructor at Smartminds. In 2020, Fotoware was awarded No. 1 for 'Best workplaces in Norway' and No. 7 for 'Best workplaces in Europe' given by Great Place to Work®. 

She started her leadership career at Microsoft where she had 16 successful years. Since then, she has held several leadership roles in the IT industry.

Anne has a long track record of successful business achievements.
She is passionate about leadership and what it entails, especially when it comes to building successful teams and mentoring people.
Anne is a frequent speaker on tech, leadership and diversity events.

Anne is co-founder of ODA, the largest network for women working in the IT-sector in the Nordics, where she held the position as Chairman of the Board for 11 years.
In 2018 she founded a network for CEO's that are new to their role.

Anne has twice been named on the list of Norway’s 50 leading IT women.
She has won several high-ranking awards, including the Circle of Excellence Platinum Award for Outstanding Performance in Microsoft

"When I started my leadership career in Microsoft, one of the most challenging part I immediately had to face was the fact that I was no longer an individual contributor – I was responsible for other people and their successes and failures. It was definitely a completely different ball game. 

There are so many leaders who need guidance to get their careers off to a good start. My mission is to share my best practice and time-saving tips & tricks so leaders can leverage their impact and influence."




Here Is What Others Are Saying About My Course:

Radmila Stoltz

Head of Customer and Partner Experience

"This leadership course provides leaders with the guidance they need to define their leadership style better, while giving concrete tools to tackles some of the most important tasks a leader is facing.

This course has given me inspiration and challenged me with good questions to reflect over, as well as practical tools to navigate important everyday challenges."

Per-Øyvind Granlund

Managing Director

"Smartminds goes straight to the point and tells you what responsibilities you have as a leader.

I learned to become more aware of my values, which together with honest and responsible communication with employees
creates a transparent work environment that provides higher job satisfaction and better results."

Astrid Øverby

Sales Manager

"This leadership training gave me very useful knowledge, in addition to a lot of material I can use in my daily work.

This course is exactly what new leaders need.
Highly recommend it!"


How Does It Work?

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Let Me Summarize What You Get 

You Will Learn:

  • how to find your strengths and understand your workstyle and behavior
  • how your values and experience can help you become a better leader
  • why you should lead by example
  • how to identify your team members competencies and determine if you have the right people in your team
  • how to establish SMART team goals and how you can motivate your team to get even better results by setting personal goals
  • how to establish accountability and set rules of engagement 
  • how to build and foster a culture for growth and why your team meetings and 1 to 1 meetings are essential for you and your team's success


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