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Essential Habits To Improve Your Leadership

Don't Let Opportunities Pass You By

Jul 06, 2021

I once had a woman on my team who was the Account Manager for our SMB customers. She was very good at her job, and our customers loved her. After doing the same job for a couple of years and always meeting her quota and making our customers satisfied, she was really on top and mastered her role perfectly. At that time, however, I needed a new resource in our Enterprise team, responsible for our largest and most important customers. I therefore asked her if she was ready to move outside the comfort zone and learn to master something new as an Enterprise Account Manager.

She told me she was not ready to handle such large customers, she was just an “SMB salesperson”, and she felt far from ready to take on our large customers.
I said to her: “If you are good at what you do today, you are good at what you do no matter how big or small the customers are”.
I told her that I would keep her on the team, but that I was afraid she would get bored and leave...

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The Door Opener

Jun 03, 2021

There was a story about Tom Cruise in the Norwegian media a while back. He spent several months on the west side of Norway while filming his new Mission Impossible movie.

The story was about a couple who got to meet Tom Cruise, because the guy collected vintage cars and the woman painted portraits on the hood of cars. The woman had painted a picture of Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis from the movie Top Gun on the hood of her own car, and she had a great desire to try to show it to Tom Cruise while he was in Norway. 

The story ends well: the couple drives across half of Norway to meet Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise takes his helicopter to meet them, and the amazing 0.05% chance they had of meeting him actually happened!

But how could such a meeting really come together? How is this even possible? It seems like a total mission impossible. Well, it turned out that someone knew someone who knew Tom Cruise's assistant. The assistant was contacted via these several levels of people,...

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Managing Managers

Feb 16, 2021

You might think that managing managers may be similar to managing individual contributors. You need to build a great team, get aligned on goals and strategy, set expectations, monitor the work and engage along the way.

Let's say you're a successful leader.

You love to lead other people, you enjoy your workplace, you have great responsibility, and you contribute to the company's growth which in turn makes your team grow.

But as your team grows, so does the need for one of several middle managers to help you lead the team.

Many leaders lead overly large teams, and there may be several reasons for this. Some of them do not prioritize the time it takes to find middle managers, others feel that no one but themselves is good enough for their team, and some believe that as long as the team members seem satisfied, no change is needed.
But the truth is that it doesn’t scale properly to have an overly large team - you do not have time to meet everyone's needs and your impact per team...

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Are You Aware Of The Importance Of Company Culture?

Jan 26, 2021

Most companies want their employees to thrive and be productive and realize their full potential. But how?
And what makes a company a great place to work?

The answer is culture.

The best way to describe culture is to look at it as the company’s personality. Company culture is the collection of common values, norms, expectations, and perceptions of reality that develop among the employees.

Most leaders understand that leadership and strategy are linked to achieving goals. Building a corporate culture is at least as important, and the best leaders are fully aware of how a great culture can impact their business results.

However, in our experience, many leaders who wants to establish a high-performing team delegate the responsibility of building culture to the HR function, where it becomes a secondary concern for the business.

What leaders must do instead, is to use the culture that operates in their company as a fundamental management tool. It is the leader’s responsibility...

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Top 10 Qualities For A Great Leader

Dec 08, 2020

Because we spend so much time at work, and because we are dependent on feeling we are valuable to the company we work for, good management is incredibly important. Leaders can have a very positive influence, and bring out the best in us every day, but they can also prevent us from unleashing our full potential. Surveys reveal that 70% of employees quit because of a bad leader.

At the end of the day, management is all about being able to “see” people. A great leader gives others the opportunity to perform well, and to ensure everyone on the team and in the company moves in the same direction.

Here are our top 10 qualities for a great leader: 


  1. They care about their employees – not “sort of”, but genuinely. They know what their employees are passionate about, and what they are good at.

  2. You can trust them. This means that if a manager says that he/she will do something, you can trust them to do so.

  3. They want you to succeed,...
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What Got You Here Won't Get You There

Oct 11, 2020

Many companies use the following traditional strategy when appointing new managers:
“You are the best seller we have in this company, and you have achieved outstanding results for many years, so naturally we think you also would make a good leader. So here you go; here is the management responsibility of the entire department. Congratulations, you are now our new Sales Manager!”

This is a BIG mistake.

Many people believe it is easy to be a leader and that taking on responsibility for an entire department or team is not something that needs extra competence or knowledge.
I think they are wrong, because being responsible for others than just yourself is a big assignment that you should definitely not take lightly. Good individual contributors do not automatically become good managers.
Not only does being a leader require a great deal of basic knowledge, but it also means you can no longer be the center of attention. Your time as a star is now over – and it is time for...

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7 Tips To Get The Leadership Job

Oct 02, 2020

Here are our 7 tips on how to position yourself to get your first management job:

1. Be visible

  • Those who take responsibility and highlight the work they do and share their expertise and experience from projects are the ones who become most visible. 
    When top management and middle managers discuss promotions and who could be a potential candidate for a leadership position, they need to be able to remember you.
  • Make it easy for others to notice you, what you are doing and how you can contribute.
  • Offer to lead a project or take responsibility for a virtual team that allows you to both learn and make an effort beyond your daily tasks. Employees who are forward-leaning and want to contribute will be noticed.
  • Most leaders in your organization do not necessarily know what you are good at and what projects you are working in, if you do not tell anyone. Tell your manager when you have exceeded your goals or KPIs or delivered something exceptionally good. And ask your leader to pass...
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Expand Your Knowledge

Sep 11, 2020
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Why You Should Not Let Everyone Be Leaders

Aug 26, 2020

I have interviewed a few hundred people in my career, and surprisingly many of them say that their ultimate goal is to become leaders. It doesn't matter if the job they're applying for right now is about consultancy services, sales, development, or for a trainee position for that matter. They all dream of becoming leaders.

When I ask them why, just a few justify it with the fact that they thrive on developing people and that they want to achieve results through others. Almost all the people I've spoken to say they want to become leaders because it gives them a place in the leadership team. They want to be a part of the decision-making processes, they want a seat at the table, and they want the power of the leadership position. This tells me that the “Leadership status” is something people want, and they don’t always think about what that role really entails.
Let's look at why this is a challenge, both for the managers, the employees and the company overall.


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Why You Need Leadership Training

Aug 26, 2020

Just as engineers and developers constantly need to update their technical certifications, you also need to update your knowledge and expertise as a leader from time to time.

The leadership role has changed significantly over the past decades. Leaders used to be authorities who gave each employee instruction on what to do and how to perform in their job. Then it gradually shifted to letting employees being part of realizing their own potential. And lately, all leaders need to know more about remote leadership. If you are used to having employees sitting all over the word, and also have culture that fosters flexibility and use of home office, you are already way head of the game. But if you don’t, you need to think about if there is a difference in motivating and engaging your employees in this new era.

Even with minimal changes, you should always update your knowledge so that you can be the best leader for your team.

Thinking that you know it all and that you...

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