Hi, I'm Anne

I'm passionate about leadership and what it entails. Good management is essential for creating an inclusive and diverse work environment

I have led various teams, both new and established in several functions and geographies. I have a long track record of hiring and mentoring people and teams, as well as mentoring talented professionals for many years.

I'm one of the founders of the largest network for women working in the IT-sector in the Nordics, ODA-women in Tech with 14000 members, where I held the position as Chairman of the Board for 11 years.

I have twice been named on the list of Norway's 50 leading IT women and I am a frequent speaker on tech, leadership and diversity events.

In addition to being Co-founder and Course Instructor at Smartminds, I'm currently CEO of FotoWare which is ranked as one of the '2020 Best Workplaces in Europe' by Great Place to Work®.


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Why I decided to create online courses  

One of the best parts about being a leader is that you get to see people grow over time, get better at their jobs, and realize their full potential.

However, being a new leader is not always easy. When I started my leadership career in Microsoft, one of the most challenging part I immediately had to face was the fact that I was no longer an individual contributor – I was responsible for other people and their successes and failures. It was definitely a completely different ball game.

Very few people are “born managers” – most need to learn the skill and build up experience. There are so many leaders who are new to the role who need guidance to get their careers off to a good start.

This is the main reason why I decided to create online courses.


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