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You and your team - become a better leader

Manage Yourself
and Your Team

Learn how your values, skills and experience can get your team to reach the goals you want to achieve 

Build and Optimize

Learn how you should engage your team on a daily basis to get the results you are looking for 

Hire New Team Members

Hiring new people to your team is challenging. Learn every step you need to take to complete a successful hiring process 

Bettina Berntsen

Bettina Berntsen

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"Smartminds have created a leadership course that gives me actionable tips and how-to’s that I can implement in my daily work, and which enables me to become a better leader for my team.”

What's Inside 'Crack the Leadership Code'

Chapter 1



Are you a creative person that likes coming up with ideas or starting new projects in a hectic environment? 
Or do you prefer to work all by yourself, taking on one task at a time? 
Do you like being on stage giving a speech to a big audience, or do you prefer talking to a small group?

First and foremost, you need to find your strengths and understand your work style and behavior, as well as know which areas you need to improve, in order to become a great leader.


Chapter 1 Highlights

  • Learn to know yourself before you can support and guide others
  • Identify your values. Learn how your values and experience can help you be a better leader
  • Employees look to you to show them what’s acceptable behavior, and what’s expected in the organization. Learn why you should lead by example.
  • 3 video lessons (English audio with English subtitles)
  • Smart Quiz to check your knowledge
  • FREE downloadable bonus content:
    - The VARP Quadrant
    - Work style reference
    - Leadership values
    ...and more 
You - Crack the leadership code
Your team - Crack the leadership code

Chapter 2



To build a successful team you need to do more than gather a group of people with the right skills.
Your team should cover complementary skill sets so they can accomplish tasks that you, as the team leader, could not do on your own.

You will learn how to establish team goals and how you can motivate  your team to get even better results by setting personal goals.

Chapter 2 Highlights

  • Learn how to identify your team members competencies and how you will find out if you have the right people for the job in your team.
  • Learn how to establish SMART team goals
  • Learn how you can motivate  your team to get even better results by setting personal goals.
  • SMART goals examples and corresponding KPI's
  • 3 video lessons (English audio with English subtitles)
  • Smart Quiz to check your knowledge
  • FREE downloadable bonus content:
    - Speed-dating questions
    - Skill sets and roles
    - Team goals and milestones
    ...and more  

Chapter 3



A great company culture is essential for an organization and team to thrive and grow. 
Work environments with trust at the foundation are better set up for innovation, change, and effectiveness. 

Most people want to be part of a positive, inclusive, and purpose-filled work environment.
Getting actively engaged employees means that leadership needs to be engaging, and that everybody must be able to understand their purpose in the company.  

Chapter 3 Highlights

  • Learn how to establish accountability and set rules of engagement with your team.
  • Learn how to build and foster a culture for growth and why your team meetings and 1 to 1 meetings are essential for you and your team's success.
  • 3 video lessons (English audio with English subtitles)
  • Smart Quiz to check your knowledge
  • FREE downloadable bonus content:
    - Team culture
    - Team meetings check list & agenda
    - 1 to 1 meeting questions 
Building operational excellence - Crack the leadership code
Hiring - Crack the leadership code

Chapter 4



A big part of being a leader is making sure you have the right people with the right skills and experience you need to achieve the goals of your team and your business.

In some situations you will inherit a team of people who fit your needs perfectly, but in other situations you may need to find people with different skills and experiences than you already have.

If your business grows, you will most likely need more people on your team, or maybe you will want to build a whole new team from scratch.
Regardless - you need to hire new team members, and it's a process that requires specific knowledge.


Chapter 4 Highlights

  • Identifying needs. Why are you hiring? Learn what you need to consider before starting your hiring process, which criteria to set, and how to make a Persona.
  • Learn how to write an job advertisement so you have a better chance of attracting the perfect candidates for your position.
  • Learn how you are going to pick out the right candidates from all the applications you are going to receive.
  • Learn which steps you need to take before the first round of interviews
  • Learn what to say to candidates not moving forward, how to run second-time interviews and what you should focus on.
  • Learn how to pick the right candidate for the job and what to consider when giving an offer
  • 6 video lessons (English audio with English subtitles)
  • Smart Quiz to check your knowledge
  • FREE downloadable bonus content:
    - Persona and job ad tips
    - Preparations & interview checklist
    - How to turn down candidates
    - Hiring Pentagon
    - Dig deeper questions
    ...and much more 

Chapter 5



Welcoming a new employee is more than just making a company announcement and assigning work tasks. 
As leader, you are responsible for making the new employee feel welcome and included from day one, and it requires a series of steps to be taken, in the right order.

In this chapter you will learn how onboarding should be a successful and positive experience for everyone involved.


Chapter 5 Highlights

  • Learn each step you need to take in planning the first day and the coming weeks for your new employee.
  • Learn how to make the first day of your new employee unforgettable.
  • Learn how to schedule the coming weeks and months
  • Get tips on how to demystify expectations.
  • 2 video lessons (English audio with English subtitles)
  • Smart Quiz to check your knowledge
  • FREE downloadable bonus content:
    - Welcome letter
    - Getting things ready checklist
    - Onboarding check list
    ...and more 
Onboarding - Crack the leadership code
Offboarding - Crack the leadership code

Chapter 6



An offboarding process helps you with the formality when an employee leaves the company after either resignation, termination, or retirement. 
A good offboarding process reduces the chance for any loose ends or open access when the employee quits.  
When done properly, it will have a positive impact on the employee and your company brand.
A good offboarding experience will enhance possibilities for future opportunities, networking, and development.

In this chapter you will learn more about the 7 steps you need to take in order to ensure a positive exit experience for the employee.

Chapter 6 Highlights

  • Why should you communicate that your employee leaves the company?
  • What should you think about when transferring knowledge?
  • Get the questions you should ask when doing an exit interview
  • Why should you consider the possibility of your employee returning?
  • 1 video lesson (English audio with English subtitles)
  • Smart Quiz to check your knowledge
  • FREE downloadable bonus content:
    - Letter of Recommendation
    - Offboarding checklist
    - Exit interview questions
    ...and more 

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